Clifton-Brown highlights the failings of “The Twelve Years of Labour”

Taking inspiration from the Christmas carol “The Twelve Days of Christmas”, Cotswolds MP Geoffrey Clifton-Brown yesterday took the opportunity to speak in the end of year debate in Parliament and to highlight how “The Twelve Years of Labour” has affected the Cotswolds.

In a wide ranging 15 minute speech the MP was able to highlight at least one decision or action in each year of Labour’s incumbency which has had an adverse effect on every section of society in the Cotswolds.

Mr Clifton-Brown referred to how decisions made on the A417/419 and the re-doubling of the Swindon-Kemble line have failed to provide adequate transport links, the creation of the Great Western Ambulance Service and the closure of Fairford Hospital have affected healthcare provision, the weakness in the Government’s response to the Foot and Mouth Crisis and the 2007 floods and how the closure of rural post offices, schools and public houses has weakened rural communities.

The MP spoke extensively on how bad 2009 has been, with the effects of the recession, the causes of which Mr Clifton-Brown lays firmly at the Governments feet, meaning the Cotswolds had the 23rd highest rise in the number of claimants of all the 646 constituencies, and the 61st highest rise since 1997, when this Government came to power.

It could also be unlucky thirteen in 2010 Mr Clifton-Brown warned, as many businesses face significant rates rises in the New Year following the flawed business rates revaluation.

After the debate Mr Clifton-Brown noted “It is, and always has been, a privilege to represent the Cotswolds and I am proud of the work I have done for the residents in this period. However, it has been a non-stop battle in the face of closure and the loss of local authority control led by an urban centric Labour Government. Not content with crippling the countries economy and weakening our international standing, they have made decision after decision that adversely affects every aspect of people’s day to day living. Another term of such continued poor judgement does not even bear thinking about”

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