New Bike Hire Scheme

5th April 2017

Member of Parliament for The Cotswolds – Geoffrey Clifton-Brown – visited Moreton-in-Marsh and Cirencester to celebrate the launch of Bainton Bikes’ new cycle hire scheme in the two towns.

The hire scheme will operate in Cirencester, Tetbury and Moreton-in-Marsh. The bike itself requires no locking infrastructure and can simply be ‘parked’ at any designated rack. Via a mobile app, the rider simply locks and unlocks the bike using their smartphone remotely, this is extremely secure and easy to use.

Mr Clifton-Brown has worked closely with Bainton Bikes’ manager – Howard Papworth – to roll out this excellent scheme to the Cotswolds and provide all visitors with the resources to use the service.

Speaking at the launch in Market Place, Mr Clifton-Brown said:

‘This very innovative product of being able to use modern smart phones to unlock the bikes and pay for it seemed to me to be what we need in the Cotswolds.’

‘Examples of how it would operate are for all bikes to be available at Kemble and Cirencester in order to ride between the two without having to use a car, or sited at Kemble and Moreton-in-Marsh so that families could catch the train from London Paddington and have a pleasant day out in the Cotswolds. In the short, the idea is to get more people out of their cars and onto their bikes.’

Bike Hire Scheme

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