Update 28th March 2017

28th March 2017

I would like to begin this week’s newsletter by offering my sympathies and condolences to all those involved and affected by last Wednesday terrible attack on Parliament. For centuries, people have attempted to attack this Parliament and the democracy and freedom that it represents. It is important that we do not bow to these terrorist’s demands or change our way of life.

The tragic stabbing of PC Keith Palmer is an opportunity to remind us all of the important and sometimes dangerous job that our emergency services do to keep us all safe. My thoughts go out to the families and close ones of all of the victims of this horrendous event.

BBC Sunday Politics

BBC Sunday Politics

L-R: Geoffrey Clifton-Brown and Kerry McCarthy MP

Over the weekend I appeared on BBC Sunday Politics West alongside Kerry McCarthy MP (Bristol East). The programme understandably took a sombre tone following the events of 22 March in Westminster. I made it clear that important buildings and landmarks – such as Parliament – are inevitably a target for terrorists to attack. The parliamentary estate has a strong armed police presence for obvious reasons but it would be impractical to suggest that this type of presence should be extended to the rest of the UK. I am hopeful that attacks such as this will not spread.

Reception at Clarence House

I was especially honoured to be invited to a reception for Members of Parliament at Clarence House by HRH The Prince of Wales. HRH was keen to congratulate all those who attended for their work in helping their constituents. This was particularly relevant as HRH The Prince of Wales is a resident of The Cotswolds himself.

All-Party Group for Animal Welfare (APGAW)

As the Chairman of the APGAW Dog Sub-Group I attended the APGAW roundtable debate on livestock-worrying. The Government should give stronger guidance that non-working dogs near livestock should always be kept on a lead. Consideration should also be given to diverting footpaths on a temporary basis around particularly susceptible livestock such as lambing ewes.

At the roundtable I was shown some particularly harrowing and unpleasant photographs of livestock attacked by dogs. This is a very serious issue, about which the dog-walking public need to be particularly aware in order to protect our rural environment.

ACRE Global Trade Dinner

ACRE Global Trade Dinner

L-R: Jan Zahradil MEP and GC-B (President and Vice-President of ACRE)

No, I have not been appointed as the new director of Chelsea! As the Vice-President of the Alliance of Conservatives and Reformists in Europe (ACRE) I attended the ACRE Global Trade Dinner at Stamford Bridge in West London. We were joined at the event by the former Australian Prime Minister, The Hon Tony Abbott MP and Daniel Hannan MEP amongst others. Promoting global trade is an incredibly timely issue, especially during our Brexit negotiations, and one which I devote a great deal of my time to as Chair of the APPG for International Trade & Investment.

Cotswold District Council

I would finally like to thank Cllr Lynden Stowe, who will be departing his position of Leader of Cotswold District Council. Lyden has transformed the CDC by forming joint working relationships to cut costs in order to deliver a minimal increase in council tax for The Cotswolds. I welcome Cllr Mark Annett as leader-elect, who will succeed Cllr Stowe, and I look forward to working with him in the future.

Surgery Dates

Call 020 7219 5043 or email cliftonbrowng@parliament.uk to discuss the matter you wish to raise and the possibility of a surgery appointment. Appointments are 10 minutes long. A concise synopsis submitted in writing beforehand will ensure a productive use of time.

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I would like to begin this week’s newsletter by offering my sympathies and condolences to all those involved and affected by last Wednesday terrible attack on Parliament.

28th March 2017

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